From the beginning, sex was the activity for a married couple. The main intention of sex was recreation than pleasure. However, as life goes by and with the fast growth of technology, things are changing and people’s perspective to sex is changing. This, however, doesn’t mean that the importance of sex and the value given to it by married couples has changed. In fact, many communities and religion consider sex a sacred thing. The only married couple is allowed to perform this.

It is a matter of punishment or misconduct if someone have it before marriage. In adverse situations and in some countries, a woman found engaging in sex before marriage, capital punishment is also possible. This is not the scene of every country and community but few have rules like this. In the escort industry, there are different categories of escorts to cater to different kind of clients and their demands. One of the main categories is housewife female escorts. As the name suggests, ‘Housewife female escorts’ are normally an important aspect in the escort industry to complete a marriage kind of set up.

Connection between housewife Escorts and Married Man

Housewife female escorts are normally hired by men who want to experience how it feels to be in a working relationship. Young men who desire to have an experience with a much older woman also hire these babes. However, their main clients are married men. Most of these are either divorced or their marriage is not working.

What married men look for in an escort?

There are different reasons why married men hire escort services. Below are the two main reasons:

  1. To sharpen their prowess

Everything can become boring when done the same way every day. For that reason, for many men who want to spice up their relationship, they hire the services of female escorts every now and then. Although some do so with their spouse’s consent, some indulge in this in secret. According to many escorts, many men fear to lose their spouses due to lack of creativity in bed. Therefore, they frequent escort agencies to sharpen their skills.

Connection between housewife Escorts and Married Man

  1. Quench their starvation

The sex drive for women is very different and especially for married women. When a woman is married, she is normally not able to concentrate on lovemaking if they are under stress. For that reason, knowingly or unknowingly, they end up starving their spouses sexually. To fill up on this gap, men respond by either getting into extra-marital relationships or hiring the services of female escorts. It is one of the things that wives should learn from an escort girl.

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